The word ‘aroma’ means a fragrance or sweet smell and the word ‘therapy’ simply means a treatment designed to bring about a positive change in an individual.

The art of Aromatherapy dates back to ancient Egypt, where plants and flowers were crudely distilled to extract essential oils. These oils were then used to stimulate the human body’s own healing mechanisms. It is a holistic therapy encompassing mind, body and spirit. 

Since an aromatherapy treatment is concerned with creating balance, its primary uses are to calm, uplift, detoxify, de-stress and invigorate – in others words, to help the body to help itself to regain health or wellbeing.

Clinical aromatherapy treatments can help treat a wide range of symptoms associated with common illnesses such as anxiety, stress and depression as well as physical symptoms connected to acute or chronic health conditions.

Aromatherapy is a treatment designed to help maintain physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing by expertly blending clinical grade essential oils to treat a range of symptoms. I make a synergistic blend of essential and carrier oils that are generally applied through massage. However the bespoke blend of oils can be added to a diffuser and inhaled, applied as a shower gel or bath oil to produce a cumulative effect on a daily basis.

Aromatherapy is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment and it is recommended that a GP consultation is sought regarding any health concerns you may have. 

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